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Eddie Middleton

Eddie Middleton

Eddie is the inspiration and brains behind our company. He has invented or redesigned many of the products you will find on this website . After his infamous participation in Dragon's Den, Eddie has managed to build-up the Outdoor Infrared Heaters Company - ChillChaser and recently brought its manufacturing and product development back to the UK. This bold move has enhanced local manufacturing, created new jobs and apprenticeships whilst reshaping the concept behind eco friendly quality patio heating. Recently, Eddie was invited to participate to the Apprentice showing his newly developed shoe dryers to the two teams.

Georgie Middleton

Georgia Middleton

Georgia is the youngest and brightest of the Middleton family. She is the friendliest and most helpful person in our company therefore she is solely responsible for the happiness and after-sales satisfaction of all of our customers. Georgia has learned the ShoeDryer® ropes whilst completing her education and has built up a wonderful relationship with customers and suppliers.

Rares Matei profile picture

Rares Matei

Rares has now left Hydra ShoeDryers® online presence. He has worked for companies like Microsoft and Morgan Stanley and is now pushing with ambition to graduate with a First in Computing Science at Aberdeen University.

Stephen Murray profile picture

Stephen Murray

The latest Webmaster to join the Chillchaser® team, Stephen has initiated the Online Community Spirit of our company by way of social networking, graphic design and web development. Already he has injected some great new ideas by way of online competitions, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ as well as previously understudying and working with our previous Webmaster Rares Matei to build a fantastic new “Responsive” website akin to some of the best on the web. Stephen now appreciates that he has the opportunity to learn from others the “white noise” of business as well as his chosen field. As part of this “white noise” training he has now set up his own company doing web design/development and social networking consultation called SJM Web Solutions. If you like what you see on our websites we are happy to forward your details to him.

Olivia Middleton profile picture

Olivia Middleton

Ollie, as she is fondly known as, is the artistic and stylish member of the Middleton Clan and although studying Film Directing and Production at University she works freelance (StrangeCow Productions) for our Company as “video producer and photographer”. Ollie and her business partner Leon have already attained a high level of excellence in their field with several corporate videos under their belt and a music video for a new London Band. If you like what you see on our websites we are happy to forward your details to them.

Blondie Middleton profile picture

Blondie Middleton

Beware of Vicious Guard Dog ! "Blonders" is the Official Welcome Committee at ChillchaserHire HQ. Everyone who visits the premises knows her favourite treats and if you don't pay attention to her then be prepared to be pawed until you do. Blondie started out as a potential Gun Dog but due to a fear of loud noises, turned out to be completely useless at it despite her love of chasing rabbits and squirrels. She tried modelling once for a catalogue but her love of rivers and lakes meant a fortune in shampoo and grooming. Finally she has found her dream job as family pet and receptionist.